What are other names for long term care facilities

  1. 0 Is it nursing homes and assisted living?
    What is the difference between the two?

    What is hospice?
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    To answer your question of "What are other names for long term care facilities?"

    1. Nursing home
    2. Nursing and rehab center
    3. Care center
    4. Health and rehab center
    5. Convalescent hospital
    6. Aged care center

    A nursing home is not the same as an assisted living facility. Residents of assisted living facilities need 'assistance' to live at the facility, such as administration of medications, help with getting dressed, meals served, etc. Nursing home residents need around-the-clock care and tend to be more dependent than the typical assisted living resident.
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    extended care facility
    CCRC {(continoud care retirement community)involves
    independent, assisted and total care}
    ask about hospice here
    Hospice Nursing

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