Took my state test today...

  1. 0 Hey, guys! I haven't posted in a long while. I graduated from my course without failing a single test and got a 95% on my final. Clinicals were great, too!

    For my skills test, I got hand washing, Peri care (ugh,) nail care, Putting on a stocking, and of course, vitals. I feel I did well for the most part. During peri-care I forgot one of the most important things, the barrier to keep water from getting on the mattress. I was able to redeem my points by telling her what I did wrong, though.

    The real thing was the written part. It was 75 questions, and I saw a few things I hadn't ever heard of in my training. I got a lot right, but the pessimist in me can't help but obsess over what I likely got wrong...

    Please send some positivity this way! Anybody else felt a bit lost on some things on the written test?
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    You'll pass np
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    I took mine yesterday. I had ambulating w gait belt, dressing w weak arm, oral care, respirations count and handwashing. We definitely had stuff tested that wasn't in class. I am praying we both passed. How long is your wait for results?
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    Up to 5 business days, unfortunately. Still waiting, and it's killing me! My test was 79 questions, so I know that I can miss up to 15 and still pass with an 80, I'm just hoping that I picked the right answers on questions that asked me of things I never learned in class... I've got my fingers crossed for us both.

    I've got a job lined up at a nursing home, they simply asked me to call when I know I've passed and they'll bring me in for orientation, so I've got a lot riding on this...

    *flips out*
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    I just called and requested my results and found out that I PASSED BOTH PORTIONS AND AM NOW ON THE REGISTRY.

    I'm sure you will do fine! <3
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    what # did you call? CONGRATS!!!!
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    Quote from esand
    I just called and requested my results and found out that I PASSED BOTH PORTIONS AND AM NOW ON THE REGISTRY.

    I'm sure you will do fine! <3
    Congratulations! I can't imagine having to wait for results. I received my results for both portions about 15 minutes after the skills portion.

    Good luck with your new job!
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    Since I took my paper test through hdmaster (not sure if you do) I just went to their website ( and selected my state and called the number in the bottom right corner. There's also an online-results option. If you need help finding it, I'll do the best I can to help.

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