1. I am nearly done with my CNA program (it's proving to be simpler than I thought thus far, we start actual clinical work next week though) I was wondering what were people's thoughts on what to do with the certification once its acquired.

    I live in Connecticut and they allow CNAs in hospitals. Not sure if I should go that route or try giving the LTC life a try. Suggestions?

    I do plan on completing my pre reqs and applying to local nursing programs in the near future. 23 y/o male so I think I have the energy for it lol

    Open to any and all feedback out there. Thanks everyone in advance
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  3. by   soxgirl2008
    Well, what do you think you would prefer? LTC or hospital? I'd try for both. It's sometimes hard for a CNA without any experience to get hired in a hospital. However, I was hired in a hospital without any experience so it's possible!

    Working in a hospital gives you great experience for nursing school. I worked on a surgical floor for 2 years and now I work as an ER tech with my CNA certification and I love what I do!

    Working in LTC also gives you good experience, and if you decide it's not your cup of tea after a year or so you can always try getting a hospital job.
  4. by   funtimes
    Apply to whatever facility is hiring, will pay the best, is closest, and is a place youd want to work. Getting hired into a hospital is pretty much hit or miss, with way more misses than hits. LTC is easier to get hired into, but generally harder, less desireable work.

    As for the class proving to be easier than you thought, it is easy stuff in theory, it definitely isnt rocket science. 95% of the time people will find the job proves to be a LOT more difficult when you are doing it in real life on real patients, as you will get a small taste of during clinicals and will definitely find out when you start working as a CNA. Good luck.
  5. by   mvm2
    Some Home Health Agencies have CNA's working for them too. Just another avenue that maybe you would like to consider.