The nurse and patient's family yelled at me. I feel horrible. - page 3

I'm a nursing assistant in the float pool. I get floated to pretty much everywhere. However, I enjoy it. I do my job and leave. I always get compliments each floor I go to because I work hard. I... Read More

  1. by   MiAmorPickles
    I took rectal temps on a total care ped patient and the day nurse (5 year history with child) got upset and told the pulmonologist the next day and told me the doctor said no rectal temps and that it required a doctor's order because it was invasive. There are no rectal issues. I'm floored and don't believe it. The day before this happened the nurse and I took the pts temp and she got 97.8 ax and I got 100.8 ax. She said I was crazy and that my temp couldn't be right. I took rectal temps because I figured it's more accurate and the rationale was that there was such a big discrepancy in our temps and I wanted to be as accurate as possible. I asked if she told the doc about the discrepancy in the temps we got and she said no. I figured it's because I've only been there for 1 1/2 yrs and she didn't like that it made her look bad in front of the new nurse she was orienting.