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Taking the state test soon. question about vital signs

  1. 0 Im taking the state test soon at the end of this month. I was going over the skills today and vital signs looks like its going to be the hardest. I know that they will randomly pick 5 skills but someone said vital signs and handwashing most likely will be the ones chosen.

    Anyways about the pulse. Im having a hard time with this one. Sometimes im close to the same pulse after I count and sometimes im off. I heard you can only be off 2 on the state test. Do you guys find it easier counting the pulse one full minute or 30 seconds? I am finding the radial pulse. I know its on the side of the thumb. Issue is when I count my pulse my pulse skips sometimes lol. I have a heart murmur. Doc said I was born with it. So anyways it makes it harder to count. I try to close my eyes so I can concentrate but then I find that sometimes I lose the pulse still. If anyone can help I would appreciate it. I know respiration is another vital sign. You just count the expiration and inspiration as one breath for one minute right? Should i place my hand on their back to count that? I remember when we did our clinicals it was kinda hard to count the respiration when people were talking and depending on the person sometimes u can see their cheast rise and fall.
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    I am taking the NC-CNA exam this Saturday, and I have found that testing vital signs on someone else is "vital". Ha! And, yes- respirations is one count per "rise of the chest". You must try the free You Tube videos that I am using for SKILLS study about vitals, etc. In your search just type in "certified nursing assistant skills help videos"- I love what jtduncan has posted- hers are THE BEST! Click here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jvgSVg8g2bc

    Good luck to you ALL! Tamimac
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    thank u!
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    Is this for the CNA? Yes, you will have to know vital signs. Count to the full minute and nothing less.