stretched earlobe piercings as CNA?

  1. Hi, so I am starting the CNA program at my local community college next month and I could not be more excited about it but I have one question. My earlobes are currently stretched to one inch, I have no problems leaving the jewelry out and I know how to hide them by tapping them to the back of my ear but my main question is do you think it would be a problem if I just didn't wear jewelry at all? If it would be I can still use my tape trick but I was just curious. I am excited to hear what you all have to say Thanks!
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  3. by   Rick68fl
    Call me old fashioned, but I would never hire anyone with big gaping holes in their ears for a health-care position, any more than I would hire someone with a big tattoo on his or her face.

    To me, people who do stuff like that to themselves are pretty much destined to work at Walmart or Waffle House for their entire lives. They are certainly NOT going to be tending to my sick or injured loved ones in the hospital, regardless of what their other qualifications may be.

    If you want to be treated like a professional, you need to look like a professional.

    Just my opinion, but it is one that is not going to change.
  4. by   psu_213
    Right or wrong, the vast majority of healthcare employees will disqualify you from any pt care position if you show up with giant holes in your earlobes. It does not mean that you would give poor care, but they will have reservations about you being a public face for their organization. You would serve yourself best by finding a good way to 'hide' them or make them look more...yikes..."normal."
  5. by   stretchedlobez
    A face tattoo and stretched lobes are COMPLETELY different. I have a way of making them look "normal". Thank you for the professional and not rude comment, unlike the first one, I understand that its not professional looking but its easy to hide. I was just kind of curious and thought this would be the best place to ask. Looks like I won't be working at "Walmart or waffle house" forever now will I?
  6. by   stretchedlobez
    Also check this out: Redirect Notice Just saying
  7. by   Rick68fl

    I am a member of that forum, actually.

    Check out posts #4 and #6 of the very same thread that YOU linked to:

    That delinquent could save your life ! - Harley Davidson Forums

    And I have a bunch of tattoos. None are where they can be seen in pants and short sleeves.

    I stand behind my first post. If you want to be perceived as a professional, look the part (when dressed in your professional attire). If you choose to have an 'alternative' appearance, many career options will likely not be available to you.
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  8. by   stretchedlobez
    The point here is that I had a simple question and that was could I just not wear jewelry instead of taping my lobes behind my ear.
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  9. by   Rick68fl
    Fair enough.

    My professional answer is that if you would like to enter into a professional career, such as health care, I suggest that you take whatever steps need to be taken to return your ears to a normal state. Don't hide them, get them fixed, however that sort of thing is done.

    I understand that young people make decisions and do things without thinking towards the future. God knows I did.

    However, now that you are thinking toward the future, it is time to correct those things for the sake of your professional future.

    My opinion hasn't changed, but I guess I didn't need to come off as such an ass. Sorry.
  10. by   stretchedlobez
    I'm sorry for taking it so personal. It just seemed like you were looking down of me for something as simple as an earlobe. We are both part of the body mod community and we both face stigma for it (tattoos get less of it because they are more accepted in today's world). I know I can hide them because I worked in a pharmacy for a while, my ears were also bigger at the time, and nobody there knew I had stretched ears. I also had my bridge pierced at the time and managed to keep that a secret as well.
  11. by   nurse_kimbo
    My grandpa used to say "You never know who you're standing next to". I understood that to mean that I wouldn't always be able to tell the bad guys from the good (or the stupid from the smart, competent from the incompetent, etc.) based on looks. But while I personally wouldn't care if you had a plate in your lip and some of those snazzy neck stretchers on, I do know that some employers have policies in place against visible tats, piercings, modifications, etc. It might come down to making a choice between your chosen forms of self expression v. your first choice employer. Good luck in whatever you decide.
  12. by   jbluehorseh
    i will say this if you want to be treated as a professional then one has to look the part. it is wrong to judge people on appearances, but unfortunately society does. i see plenty of people at my hospital with the stretched earlobes; it does not make him or her a bad employee. for me i think of it as a safety issue, with your earlobes stretched out, it can be hooked or snagged by a patient, stethoscope or just about anything. i say the same thing to nurses who wear the big hooped earrings. there is a generational issue too because the majority of people we treat are older adults and many are put off by tattoos, body pricings and stretched earlobes. my question is how bad do you want this job.
  13. by   nurse_kimbo
    Sad but true, jbluehorseh. My mom is in her late 50's, but she's one of the ones who wouldn't care. My fiance is in his mid 40's, very old fashioned and raised in the south, he tends to be more judgemental about stuff like that. When you're not as exposed to different things, you tend to get stuck in your comfort zone. On the other hand, I can see where a younger patient who has alternative tastes could feel more comfy with a nurse/tech/etc. who obviously shares the same views.
  14. by   stretchedlobez
    I understand I need to look professional. Its not like I would go in to a nursing home or hospital with big metal plugs in my ears and tattoos covering my body and rings all in my face, lol. I know how to look presentable and I even volunteer at an assisted living facility that my mother works at, and no one is any the wiser about how my ears really are. I appreciate all of your advice