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I started my CNA job last week and I'm coming here to vent in hopes that some of you can make me feel better! I really like job and enjoy every second of it; 8hr shifts feel like 4 hour shifts because I truly love doing it.... Read More

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    People are mean to me too. It's good to know I'm not the only one, and I don't get it. I understand CNA is a stressful job and that it's even harder when you have to help out and train a new, inexperienced person; however, I can't help but to feel there's no excuse for the way some of these CNAs act. Since I started my nursing home job, I've had the other CNAs ignore my requests for help, give me dirty looks, complain about how slow and incompetent I am, talk about me behind my back, scream at me. One even called me up on my phone, during my off time, just to yell at me and threaten me over something I didn't even do. Am I alone in thinking that this is a bit much to deal with when starting a new job?

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    I would say that is harassment.
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    Quote from TurtleCat
    One even called me up on my phone, during my off time, just to yell at me and threaten me over something I didn't even do.
    I would have reported that.
    That is harassment and I wonder how the CNA even got your phone number?
    Now where I work now, we do have our numbers posted, but that is for emergencies. For example, if I someone thought I went home with a pt's hearing aides or if they were desperate for someone to work... but I can guarantee you... if someone abused that and called to threaten somebody that oop: would hit the fan.

    And if you don't get support,
    Pull up your anchor and leave the port.

    Hygiene (Longfellow) Queen
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    I started working as a CNA last June and it took a few months to get into my own groove. It just takes time, no one can be perfect especially in the first week of working a new job. Keep your head up and remember nursing schools like to see any previous or current work in the health care field. Plus, you will be thanking yourself when you are a RN. Most RNs that I work with that haven't been CNAs before have to call a CNA in to put someone on a bedpan because they don't know how. Really? A lot of people look down on us because, we are at the bottom basically. Therefore, I made a promise to myself that I will treat CNAs and everyone the same regardless on someones status. And if someone needs help, I will help them if I have time. Keep a positive outlook on it, it is temporary.
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    Thanks guys for the encouraging words! I feel a little bit better since this is my 3rd day! Ill get there I know I will. Thank you again for all of your support and wise comments

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