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hi guys, so i don't really go on this site that much, so it's been a while since i've posted but basically just wanted to put this out there and ask. :) i've in the past considered becoming a LVN, but since recently the... Read More

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    There are some ma programs around my area that are 7 or 9 months but heald and carrington college offer associate of applied science degrees.

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    hi i live in chicago and i'm currently taking cna but ithinking about starting a medical assisted program. i was just wondering if i could use my medical assised training for lpn instead taking all those other classes the want you to have?
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    Not too sure what you mean. But if you want to be an lvn, gotta go to lvn school. If you want to be a ma, likewise.
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    So due to financial reasons I don't think I will be attending the nursing school I got into this fall. I am considering trying to get into a MA program through ROP. I still plan on applying to RN programs for next fall. Would it be worthwhile to just do a year long MA program so that just incase I don't get into school next fall I can work? I haven't really considered MA before but it sounds interesting and more indepth in patient care than being a CNA which is what I am right now...

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