SOS!! Got an Orlando Health interview for full time night shift at the ER.

  1. Hello, I just got scheduled tomorrow for an interview, this is my very first interview and can be my first job! I don't know what to expect tomorrow and I honestly don't know what to do. I would love to hear ANYONE especially CNAs who worked in this department and worked at Orlando Health. I'm really nervous and when I'm nervous I tend to blank out and kinda stuttered. I really want this job!!
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  3. by   Lipoma

    Second, sell yourself. Focus on your strengths and make it clear that you're coming in with a set of skills that will allow you to perform well and work collaboratively on a health care team. Tell them your intentions. You really want this job because 1:_____ 2:_____ 3:_____.

    Just my .02. I've never worked in the ED (I work in urgent care), not as a CNA, but as a MA. When they ask you a question take 3 seconds to reflect and then answer. If you feel like you're rambling too much, make a joke out of it (sheesh I'm so nervous I can't stop talking) then chuckle.
  4. by   Futurenurse.
    Thank you so much! The job interview went pretty well? The Director of Nursing was late (she was the one who interviewed me) so I had a great amount of time to practice interviewing myself! I was lucky to have her, we have many things in common! At the beginning, we just had a conversation which made me comfortable then she start asking me questions. I'm still waiting for my second interview, my recruiter is still waiting for spots to be open for my second interview. I am still applying for other job openings though.