shift report sheet

  1. I am trying to get our CNA's to use their own report sheet when reporting off to the next shift. It seems a lot of important infromation is being missed with the system we are using now (coping the kardex and taking notes on it). I was just wondering if anyone has a generic form that they use. Thanks!
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  3. by   jb2u
    This is the report sheet that I made up. We take v/s q4h, so i have three spots for that. What i do is circle the abnormal v/s's and then after i tell the nurse, i put a check in the circle by the v/s. I mention that because everyone ask me why there are circles there. My sheet has 10 of these on the front and 10 on the back. Just highlight it, right click, copy, then paste it in a word/spread sheet however many times you want to and put lines in between to separate each pt. I just circle any info that pertains like "diabetic" or "low chol" diet, etc. I would provide an attachment here, but it would require you to have "the print shop pro" software in order to see it.
    anyway, here it is.......

    Pt.____________________ Rm#__________ Nurse________________
    Diet: NPO, Diab., Low Na Low Chol., _________ Fl. Rest.________
    Activity: up ad lib, bedrest, BRP, oob_____, Restraints, Turn q__hrs.
    Care: Self Assist Total Bed______Bath______
    Hygiene: Attends Foley Colostomy Continent / Incontinent
    T___________ O T____________ O T______________ O
    P___________ O P____________ O P______________ O
    RR_________ O RR___________ O RR____________ O
    BP __________O BP ___________O BP_____________O

    That's what i use and everyone else on my floor..they love it.

  4. by   helpingismypassion
    Hi I agree that a shift report sheet is necessary for CNA's I created a report sheet for the Teh's at a hospital I was working at and the Doc's and Nurses loved it to due to the fact they could get our info about our pts in one place. It made things so much easier, i think everyone needs to use them.
  5. by   LanaBanana
    Is this for LTC or hospital? In my hospital we print off a patient roster for our floor that has lots of extra space between each patient. Then as the aide before your goes off you just right everything in that space. I've found that the info stays pretty consistent. For myself, I bought one of those 4 color pens and write my general info in black (up ad-lib, BSC or BRP, O2 rate, diet, etc), the orders for gluc checks in red (AC/HS or q6, etc), bathing info in green (self bath - needs supplies/setup, bed bath, shower chair, etc), and then any other misc info in blue (the time they are scheduled to go down for surgery, guiac stools, info on pain levels, etc.) This seems to work for me. I fold it up and keep it in my pocket then check off things as I do them (like the glucs, baths, guiacs).
  6. by   meintheUSA
    In our facility, my floor and my shift lpn uses a resident list for all info for the shift. This info is put into the 24-hour shift book. The CNAs on my shift use a resident list to use for I & O for the shift. Incont, Cont, Cath, BMs etc, that is recorded at the end of the shift into the I & O or BM books. Easier than trying to use the memory game.