Passed CNA Exam

  1. Yayyyy for me!!!!!

    My only reason for starting this post is for all the people out there that are preparing for their exam and are searching the internet for answers. I have searched and searched but there arent many current post on the exam or just the experience in i would like to contribute and possibly help someone.

    Today i took the cna written exam and passed. i had a waiver so i didnt have to take the skills (cant give you any insight on the skills portion) so basically i challenged the test. The written test was fairly easy IF you have studied and read material. Alot of posters say "its common sense, its so easy, its nothing to worry about, etc,... sometimes saying these things and not elaborating can give the impression that anyone can take and pass as long as you have common sense. when i sat for the exam i was a little surprised by some of the questions. A few questions i felt were more for an lpn. The test had a few questions pertaining to vital signs (abnormal), oral care, and alot were set up as a scenario. Remember RACE, safety-security-and prvacy and that should help with most of the questions. Also what was very helpful to me was to just take as many practice test as possible. The test was not hard however you do need to know your stuff.

    The CNA exam cram was a helpful book i used...plenty of questions in that book and it also give you the rationale..the book was very detailed with every aspect that you need to know.

    Hope this helps someone, Good luck to everyone!
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  3. by   Alf2
    I was one of the people that thinks the test is common sense, lmao.

    Most questions on the GA test are like "If your resident has no religion, what do you do?"
    And the choices are like push your religion on them, respect their choice, invite them to church, talk to their family about religion, lmao. The answer is pretty easy to see.

    But there are SOME technical questions like whats normal temp, bp, resp, pulse, pulse ox. When your resident has a cane, what moves first, when dressing a resident with an affected right side - what side do you dress first, etc.

    ANYWAY, CONGRATS! I hope you find a good job asap =)
  4. by   Oshun5

    Thank you and i hope i find a job also

    i do agree with you that there was alot of very easy questions.
  5. by   MarkinAZ
    How is it that you were granted a waiver for the skills portion? Just curious.
  6. by   Julie19
  7. by   Oshun5
    Thanx Julie, @Markin, i obtained the waiver because im a LPN student and once you finish fundamentals and nursing process you can take the written exam.
  8. by   coldcasejustice
    I have 3 semesters of RN school and still have to take the skills portion; I am challenging the exam in July.