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hello, my first day of cna "school" starts on monday . . . i can't believe it, i've been running around getting the required "stuff" for the past few months . . . my financial aide just came through and i bought my first... Read More

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    For me, the actual concepts WERE common sense and to be honest with you, I just skimmed over most of my reading (give me a break, I was working full time at the time, as well), but the steps you're required to learn are the part that can be tricky. While most of the steps aren't anything complex, you don't normally think about each step you take when you do something, so it can be kind of weird to have to remember to do something step by step, in the right order.

    I just made index cards with the steps for each skill on them and memorized the steps that way. I also made a card with the basic resident rights, types of abuse, etc. To me, things like Hipaa only required one real read-through.

    Not saying that's the ideal way, but I did get 100 percent on the written part of my test, so it worked for me. The main thing in my opinion is actually PRACTICING the skills. That was the challenge for me, because i get super nervous when I'm being watched doing things.

    Only you know your learning style, though. There were several people in my class who failed the written test. People learn differently. If it makes you more comfortable to study a lot, then by all means, study a lot! You'll probably be more comfortable at test time.
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    Even though I'm the OP I would still like to thank those who responding to this thread, even thanks to the OP for starting it. Everyone is really supportive and encouraging and I am just as exciting to soon be a PCT/CNA whatever you call them...Lol. My first day yesterday wasn't too bad and I find that my reading pays off because I was able to follow along a bit better than most and the prof doesn't go over everything that's on the powerpoints. She says we have to read it in the book. I am just way too excited beyond words to begin this journey.
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