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How many residents are your CNA's assigned. I average 13 and think this is too much! Feedback appreciated. I work in an LTC.... Read More

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    I have noticed some cna's get the exact hall every time while others rotate around. Why is this?
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    Summary of regulations on LTC staffing, by state:
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    I work in post acute care at my facility. They try to keep us staffed good or the families will complain so I've had up to 11 residents, but lately I've had 8. The call lights are constantly going off though so the patients need a lot of attention.
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    Quote from student forever
    I have noticed some cna's get the exact hall every time while others rotate around. Why is this?
    I think it's because there are pros and cons to both situations. When a CNA has a permanent hall, there's more continuity of care... they get to know the residents backward, forward, and inside out and they're able to give better care and also they know what's "normal" for a certain resident and what is not. At the same time, if there are gradual changes in a resident's condition, they're not as likely to notice as someone who hasn't worked that hall in 2 weeks. Having everyone on a permanent hall is also pretty bad if a flu or stomach bug goes around and all the staff on one hall gets wiped out. Then you have staff from the other halls coming in with no clue what to do. So I think facilities like to have a mix of both.

    Personally I like to rotate around. My job gave me a permanent hall for a long time and I found myself very burnt out and had to beat the door down to be a float again. I kinda wish that everyone in the place had to work every hall. It would be more fair. On every hall there's at least one permanent staffer that I really hate working with.