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Need affirmation :(

  1. 0 Hey guys, I'm on week 3 of my 12 week CNA program and idk if its because I'm working full time and doing this class but I'm starting to feel a little overwhelmed >_< it's just a change of pace for me coming back to school after taking 2 years off. I was wondering if there were any words of encouragement out there for me. They'd be greatly appreciated
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    I know how you feel! My name is veronica & I'am on my 5th week of my CNA training & yes for some reason I get overwhelmed too! I think it's because the course & how much information you have to remember. My course is about 2 months so trying to learn everything in 2 months is hard & exhausting. What I usually do when I get like that is take a break & just think about why I'm actually doing this. I think how it will improve my future in nursing & think about the people I will be helping which makes my drive come back & I feel better. Don't give up! Just take your time & don't think negative & you can do it.
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    Is it the skills or the written exam?
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    Don't give up. Especially if you are planning on doing nursing anyway. This will help you adjust to school and work. CNA classes are easier (in my opinion) from pre reqs. and the nursing program itself. Plus, being a CNA will give you an advantage will applying for nursing school & going through nursing school itself. You will feel comfortable with talking to patients, etc.
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    Thank you guys soo much. Really needed that. I find that I can grasp the applied concepts of the course no problem (bed making, bedpans etc.) because in lab it's pretty hands on and since there are only a few of us men in the course I find that I try appealing to the instructor more by voulenteering for examples and asking/answering general questions. I really hope to become an RN someday and I know this is the core stuff that'll get me to that goal. Guess I really just need to take it one day at a time I wish us all the best of luck because I know that as nursing team members we'll be awesome!!!
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    I totally know how you feel. My class was the quicker of the two courses offered through our university's community and technical college. There was a course that was Monday, Wednesday and Friday 9-1, and ours that was M-F 8:30-5. The course load was horrific at first, and every 3-4 days we'd have a test over anywhere from 8-13 chapters at a time. It was so overwhelming! But I stuck it out and it got easier, and when you get into your labs and clinicals you'll have so much fun!