Just passed and can't find my cna license number

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    I know I should be getting one in the mail, but they gave me a website to look it up and so far I'm not even in the system. How long does this take? I can't apply for a job without the license number, the only other thing I have is my serial number for both the written and skills saying I passed. Can I just put down that I passed and I'm waiting on the license number?

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    I think I remember mine took like a month and a half or two to get in the mail. Most places if you just bring in the Red cross cards you mentioned, they'll accept that you passed. Only thing that sucks is a lot of places want it done online and there's no box for that
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    Go on Prometric website and you can actually look up your number. All you need is you ssn, name and I think DOB. It only took me a week for my certificate to come. When your certificate arrives make copies for when you go on interviews. Also it's nice in case you misplace the original one.
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    I don't have red cross cards, I did it through a school.
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    I tried that, but the place I went to wasn't on there it was done by Pearson Vue.
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    Have you looked here?

    Pearson VUE:

    Choose your state then scroll down and click 'search nurse aide registry.
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    Thanks! I will try that
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    Sorry I didn't mean to sound so snippy in previous post, just been one of those days : )
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    Thanks everyone for your suggestions! I'm thinking I'm just going to have to wait for it to go through, which is frustrating cause I need a job now. Oh well, what can you do at least the hard part is over... the testing

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