Is it easier for a CNA or RN to find a job?

  1. I need to gather as much experience hours as possible but don't know which if it is easier/less time consuming to first become a CNA or to go to RN directly.

    Thanks for your input!
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  3. by   RunnerRN2015
    You can become a CNA in a few weeks whereas becoming an RN will take at least 2 years once you get accepted (some schools require pre-reqs, some don't, some schools are 2 years, some are 4). You can work as a CNA while in nursing school. What do you need the "experience hours" for? CNAs have very different duties from RNs!
  4. by   gentlerain

    I mean after I get my BSN, will I be able to start working as an RN right away? I am more interested in PA school than becoming a NP. To reach that goal, I would need ~2000 direct care hours. Also, I like to keep nursing as a back-up option in case I don't get accepted into a PA program.
  5. by   Glycerine82
    Easier for a CNA to answer your question. It would be a good thing to work as a CNA awhile you are in nursing school. Nurses do everything a CNA does and much much more. IMHO, CNAs make awesome nurses. I can usually tell within a couple of hours working alongside a nurse if she was a CNA or not. It's also a great way to find out if nursing is something you can do

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  6. by   amandatRN
    Its great experience working as a CNA while or before your in nursing school. It will give you some insight into nursing and you will learn if its something you would like to do. Im not sure about all nursing programs, but a prerequisite for getting into the nursing school I attended you needed your CNA certification.