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Interview tomorrow

  1. 0 I passed my state test a few days ago and I just lined up an interview (agency) for tomorrow. I dont even have my license in my hands yet but they said I can bring it in later. So nervous and excited..hopefully I will get hired. Any ideas what kind of questions they will ask? It's been about 5 years since I went on a interview.
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    "Why do you want to be a caretaker?"
    "Are you a team player?"
    "Give me an example of a time you were blah blah blah"

    Good luck!
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    I just came back from my interview what a major disappointment. They offered $8/hr which sucks imo..I was hoping for at least 10/hr to start. The only good thing is that the hours are very flexible..applicants can work 8hours a week or 40 hours a week. You make your own schedule if is great if you are in school.
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    #3 0 8/hr, I'd decline, but that's up to you. Where to you live?
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    I did not accept the offer I plan on applying to a few other places. I'm hoping to start at 10/hr. I'm in NYC so its a tough market but we will see.
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    Yikes!!! I live in CT and I'm taking my CNA course in two weeks. Hopefully once I'm finished the job markets a little better over here as well. And here's hoping that you find something great too. All the best to everyone =)
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    According to, the median salary for New York is $15.38, and New York is listed as one of the states with the highest CNA pay. They were probably trying to low-ball you because you're new.