I'm currently a caretaker, with no college or nursing experience.

  1. I love doing this, and I would do it for anyone who needs it. I really want to further my career, but have no medical training. I've been thinking about college, but my main problem with that is I have no money to go to college. I wouldn't be able to go to a campus so I would look for online courses if I found a way to pay for it, what kind of courses would I take? Could I get a job at a nursing home without college? I love people and have lots of patience! Should I just write down what I learn in a notebook?
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  3. by   SlaveHeart
    Check out financial aid at your nearest community college. You might be able to take a couple pre requisite classes online but most sciences have to be done in person. You could always take classes part time and work while in school. Start by checking out the website for your nearest college and make a few phone calls.
  4. by   mvm2
    you can start by taking your CNA classes, and then you can get a job in a LTC or even Home Care. There is a great range I think of what CNA classes cost depending where you are. I have heard that some places even give them for free. I am planning taking my CNA classes in Oct. and with the classes plus the states test will be $800.00. Then if you wanted you could start working and saving up for Collage if you want to be a Nurse.
  5. by   Glycerine82
    Yes take your cna classes!! Also- hospitals can hire you as a nursing assistant without you being certified. Less pay but it's a start. Check it out. Xo
  6. by   rivershark2005
    And check to see if you state offers something like a Workforce Investment Act. That's how I went to my NA class. Here, they pay for the class and basic nursing supplies once you're accepted. Everywhere I know of does WIA through the Department of Workforce Services (unemployment office).

    Also, if you're over 25 (I think) you will likely qualify for Pell grant. If you're under 25, you'll have to list your parents on your FAFSA (which is free to fill out at fafsa.gov), which can make you ineligible for Pell, but likely still eligible for PLUS loans. I know no one wants to take out loans, but if you're set on doing it...
  7. by   Ybur514
    Here in our state you can get a job as a personal assistant or a sitter in an agency even if you don't have experience or cna training as long as you know how to take care just there basic needs,and u will be shadowing somebody.