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I am so upset and don't know exactly what to do. I am four weeks into my CNA I class (required to start RN school, which I am scheduled for in August). Clinicals start in 2 more weeks and I am... Read More

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    Quote from swtooth
    Umm noo. You will stil have to do all of those things when your an RN. Honestly you may want to reconcider nursing schoool and nursing as a career especially if you are uncomfortable touching people. As an RN you will have to touch people in order to do some of the above as well as assessments. You will also need to administer medications and some of them will be rectal or vaginal.


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    i was squmish when i was a CNA many years ago before i went to LPN school .. but i went to LPN school and was so shy and i just kinda grew out of it .. after 21 years as a LPN i am now a GN waiting to take my boards... i still have things that bother me , like mucus and people who spit in a emesis basin or cup and show me it... ooh gag... i almost toss my cookies.. disgusting... you will get used to dealing with people and the more knowledgeyou have the better off you are .. you'll feel comfertable touching people and other things... it will be okay.. just realize some things just take time.. don't give up .. i was so prissy when i began nursing.. stories i could tell .. at least i have alot of laughs to look back on.... just remember nursing will make you strong .. change your life .. for the better... when i was in high school i would of never dreamed i would be a nurse..neither did my family .. good luck and let me know how you do... give it time

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