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After working for a CNA for what is now 4 years, applying to hospital jobs all the while, sending out over 100 applications to said hospitals, have only 4 interviews, I finally got a hospital job!... Read More

  1. by   CPCTColeman
    Congradulations. So happy for you. Always strive for what you want and never give up.
  2. by   ShelbyaStar
    Hooray! It can be so tough to get in. Congrats!
  3. by   WannaBNursey
    Quote from candacenstokes
    Congratulations on your success. Do you remember any of the questions they asked during the interview
    During my interview, my manager just talked about the facility and asked why I wanted to wok there, which was easy for me to answer since I had tried to get a job at this hospital since I got certified. She liked that I was in nursing school and that was pretty much it!
    All interviews are different though. I had one hospital interview that was behavioral based and it was so freaking hard! If you're told you'll have a behavioral based interview, start thinking up scenarios that were difficult but you overcame or learned a good lesson.
  4. by   Hopeful294
    Hi, I have an interview coming up with grady for their Cna position. I never worked as a Cna and was looking for info on others experience working for grady . Ur comments came up in the search. How is ur experience as a cna ?