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After working for a CNA for what is now 4 years, applying to hospital jobs all the while, sending out over 100 applications to said hospitals, have only 4 interviews, I finally got a hospital job!... Read More

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    Congrats everyone! I also just accepted a nursing care tech job at one if the hospitals in my town. I had heard it was hard for CNA with no experience to get a job in a hospital too, but I refused to apply for positions in LTC, because I wanted to be in a hospital setting. Since November I have applied for 96 jobs, and this was the first interview I had!
    I guess what in trying to say is, to all CNAs looking for a job, don't give up! I honestly did not expect to get hired on to a telemetry unit with no experience, so anything is possible! Good luck to everyone looking for a job!!! :-)

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    Good for you! I was trying to apply too. Hope I could find one
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    Happy for you~
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    So happy for you!!!!
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    I am so excited to start my first prn hospital job monday as a CCP and i give all the glory to my Lord and Savior.

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    Congratulations on your success. Do you remember any of the questions they asked during the interview
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    Congradulations. So happy for you. Always strive for what you want and never give up.
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    Hooray! It can be so tough to get in. Congrats!
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    Quote from candacenstokes
    Congratulations on your success. Do you remember any of the questions they asked during the interview
    During my interview, my manager just talked about the facility and asked why I wanted to wok there, which was easy for me to answer since I had tried to get a job at this hospital since I got certified. She liked that I was in nursing school and that was pretty much it!
    All interviews are different though. I had one hospital interview that was behavioral based and it was so freaking hard! If you're told you'll have a behavioral based interview, start thinking up scenarios that were difficult but you overcame or learned a good lesson.
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    Hi, I have an interview coming up with grady for their Cna position. I never worked as a Cna and was looking for info on others experience working for grady . Ur comments came up in the search. How is ur experience as a cna ?

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