How do I become a Hospice CNA?

  1. Hi.. I'm a CNA with no experience yet..

    How can I get a job in Hospice care as CNA? Will I need any other special certifications to qualify for this type of job? I know experience may be important so I dont really care where I get my first CNA job but eventually I would definately like to get into hospice..

    I am going to take an "end of life care" class online through my local community college just for the extra experience and to make myself more marketable to potential employers..

    Any other suggestion?
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  3. by   interceptinglight
    That's great, do take that class because it will give you an edge over other CNA's wanting the same kind of work. I ended up quitting CNA work because of many different things, but one of them was I never got to do hospice care, which was my passion. Well, I got to do it a couple of times and I loved it! I worked for a Home Health Agency for a while, and practically begged them to give me hospice assignments, but they always gave those jobs to the CNA's who did not like that kind of care, which made no sense to me.. Look for Home Health and Hospice agencies in your area and submit your resume even if they are not hiring. The next time they need someone you may be first on the list of people to interview.

    I live in a small town and most of the hospice patients hereend up in nursing homes, reducing the need for CNA's outside the long-term care setting to be hired for hospice care although that does happen rarely.

    You may need to gain a certain level of experience before you are hired for hospice work, and there's no better place for gaining such experience than in a long-term care facility. You may find that there are CNA's who shy away from hospice care because of various personal reasons. My personal feelings on the matter are that if I could have done full-time terminal care, I would not have quit being a CNA, it was the best part of any experience I ever had working in that field.
  4. by   tomc5555
    Where i live you have to have CHHA to do hospice care. You could contact your local hospice to find out the requirements for employment.
    Good luck.
  5. by   student forever
    It is Hospice that pointed me in this direction, too. I have volunteered with Tidewell Hospice and I only do Vigil, which is basically sitting with the dying pt so that no one dies alone. It is an honor and sacred privilege to do this type of thing, imho.
    Perhaps you could keep your cna position where you can make more $ and also volunteer with the Hospice House so they get to know you are serious and also get experience and training. Tidewell trains the heck out of us and I go frequently to the training sessions just because I want to really know my stuff. And it is of course free for all volunteers. Keep the paperwork showing every class you attend, and you will be amazed how much you know after 6 mo or so. Great for referral, etc also.