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hi e'erbody! :wavey: :w00t: cnas rule!!:w00t: i'm a cna. :rotfl: anyway, i have only been a cna since nov 05 and i don't have much experience. i was wondering if some of you... Read More

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    I work in the ED at the local hospital. I LOVE it!!! I stock rooms, do vitals, transport patients, do EKG's, assist the nurses and doctors in procedures (I have seen some really cool things done such as lacerations sewed, boils I&D'd, intubations, I have done compressions on patients that have coded, etc). If you love the fast paced life, the ED is for you!! I work extremely hard most days, however we do get days where we are bored to death because we never know what will or won't walk in the door.

    Enjoy life, it is the only one you will ever get!!!
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    Quote from supermo
    I truly don't even know what my options are. I thought that home health and registry type stuff required more experience than I have. (5 months) :trout:
    From what I have seen of home health is it depends on the company. It seems that most good companies look for at least a year of experience, but I've seen them require anywhere from 1-2 years depending on the company. Registry jobs all seem to want the same. This also might vary on the state and what HHAs legally can and can't do.

    Although one of the local companies claims no experience necissary. They'll train their PCA's. Their pay is absolutely horrible. Minnesota State job site allows people to post resumes and if employers are intrested they'll call. I was looking at changing jobs so I had my resume posted. Needless to say I got a call from this company. No "Would you like to come in for an interview." instead I got "Want to come in for orientation?" I was able to talk startting pay out of her and it was $8.50. I declined the offer.

    Also if you're not interested in LTC look into something like a transitional care unit or possibly subacute for those people who've just been discharged from the hospital and aren't quite ready to go home yet. There are some freestanding TCUs otherwise a lot of larger nursing homes have TCU units.
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