Has anyone challenged the CNA board exam without training ?

  1. Hey guys I am a pre-nursing student thinking about doing the CNA while in school but I dont have the money and time for training..I went to Barnes and Noble and they had a book for Nursing Assistant and I was wondering if its possible to just take the exam and see if I pass...has anyone done this before ?
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  3. by   nrsin4
    I may not be correct, but as far as I'm aware you can take board exam (without attending the training class) only if you have been a CNA before, let your license expire and it's been over 2 years since your license expired.

    We actually had this discussion in class today. There is a woman in our class who was a CNA but her license expired 14 years ago, so she had to take the class again. Our instructor said for a "FYI" that if we ever let our licenses expire (and fall within the 2 year limit) that we just need to call the state board office and pay the $60 fee to take the test. She said that we would have three chances to pass before we had to re-take the class.

    The best way to find out is to call your state's board and find out from them. I know that in my state it is required that you have at least 60 hours of classroom/lab instruction and 24 hours of clinicals (mine is three 8 hour days) to qualify to test. So, studying from a book and testing wouldn't be allowed in my state.
  4. by   Codeda
    Ditto what was said about about contacting your state. In Florida you can challenge the exam and not do any training, just take the test and see what happens. If you are pre-nursing, have some experience, and feel comfortable then it wouldn't hurt to just try it out. Good luck
  5. by   sonomala
    NC requires a set number of in class and clinical hours before you can challenge but I'm told other states are different. I agree with the other posters, check with your states board.
  6. by   CandAmommy
    Since you are in FL, you can challenge the test. I would watch the videos that are posted on another thread in here and maybe wait till after your first semester of nursing school, because then you have enough training..otherwise find someone to practice the skills portion with, read the book and again watch the video lessons. I'm going to NS next summer, and thought about challenging the test, but decided to take a prep course first. Good Luck!
  7. by   SarahLovesNovember
    I challenged the NH board and got reciprocity in MA after the fact, but I've been a medic in the army for 5 years now. I'd hope that's the least they'd do for people with previous experience!

    But I know that you have to have some previous medical experience and show that to the board to see if they will approve you. Good luck! There are ways to finance that education, have the state or facility pay for the training and so many other ways. Keep searching for information and don't give up on your dream!