FREE Full CNA Video Course - page 11

You may just want to brush up on a few skills, or get ahead of your class. Here is a link to a complete CNA video course broken down by subject: Nursing Assistant - Video Lessons :studyowl: ... Read More

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    Thank you so much for posting the new link. These will be so very helpful to me!!
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    Hello I try to go to the nursing assistance video but it did not work. Is any body know the name of the website.I am planning to take a CNA course and I would like to get ahead just to see what the class would be and to give me a out look on the class to see if I would be able to handle. thank you
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    Hello! I am unable to find the full CNA Video please post another link thanks
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    Quote from Nicholna
    This is one of my favorite skills sites. Enjoy
    Nice videos! I watched the nail care and she forgot to wash her hands after removing gloves...
    That's OK! I love the videos! It helped me a lot to go with confident and less nervous tomorrow for the clinical skills.
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    The link doesnt work anymore, that sucks
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    Does anyone have a link for CNA Skills Test for MASS?
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    I am in the state of Wisconsin and need to take the CNA class soon. I study youtube videos such as on Online CNA Price |, and the testing on the site is in Florida.

    Is there a whole lot of differences in Catheter care and Perineal Care such as use of side rails or anything in the video that seems new? I used to take the course six years ago, but need to take the course again. There are new techniques, but now I'm not sure what's the difference just between the two.
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    I am having trouble with this link. I click on it, but it says the page is not avaliable. Is there something wrong with it?
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