For All Those Who Took The CNA Program via Red Cross - page 2

What was your experience like? And would you recommend the program to others? The rumor is the instructors, (RNs)) are very strict, but you will be prepared if you complete the course.. ... Read More

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    This posting is great. Today I signed up for the CNA program at the Red Cross it goes from July 3 to the 31st. I have been attending a state college for a while and thought I would get some experience in the Nursing field. I'm also going to try to get into the LVN program in Dec. The LVN program will be at the Adult school. It really affordable for me. I will still continue going to the state college to get my classes out of the way for the RN. Carla

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    I think the Red Cross program has a really good pass rate for state tests. When I went through it, our instructor said that in the year she had worked for the program, only two students had actually gone through and not been successful.

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