Favorite CNA skills/tasks to do?

  1. Out of all the different CNA tasks, which is your favorite to do?

    Let's face it, a lot of what a CNA has to do, while vital and important, are not exactly the most pleasant tasks in the world. Changing dirty diapers, cleaning out bedpans and urinals, etc. That being said, there are some activities I genuinely enjoy.

    I like giving baths and showers. Scrubbing a client from head to toe, getting them all nice and clean and then lotioning + powdering them up afterward. I like being able to go the extra mile to make them feel better and more comfortable.

    I also love feeding and meal times. There's something about sitting down with a resident that's a feeder and spoon-feeding them that I love. I guess it's that it's a good opportunity to sit down and relax, and also a good bonding time with the resident. It makes it even better if the resident is a good eater and enjoys their food.

    I like to dress the residents up and make them look pretty, too. At the nursing home, I'd often be so pressed for time that I'd just quickly go through their closet, grab whatever was easiest to put on them and dress them in that. However, with my new job at the group home, I can take my time and pick out really cute stuff for them. I love to dress them up in a cute, colorful outfit for the day, brush their hair and maybe even add a little perfume and make-up. It makes me feel good to be able to make these people up all pretty, just because they're old and sick doesn't mean they can't still look nice. I figure these are the last years of their lives and I really want to go the extra mile to make them more pleasant.
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  3. by   Irish_Mist
    I am not a CNA but I just wanted to tell you I think what you're doing/your outlook is awesome. I'm sure the residents greatly appreciate your compassion and eagerness to help. Even if they always don't, you're making them feel great and you're also making yourself feel good being so kind and considerate. It should also give their family members great peace of mind.
  4. by   1feistymama
    I loved your post. I start CNA training in 6 weeks (can't wait). I'll work as a CNA while in RN school and I was enlightened to see what you love about your job. Call me weird, but I like old people. I love to hear their stories. And I find the crotchety ones to be humorous, but I have a sarcastic, somewhat twisted sense of humor so that may have something to do with it. =)
  5. by   mstearns09
    I like doing vitals and sitting with residents in the dining room. I am more or less one of two permanent shower aides at my facility and I actually think it's my favorite thing to do. I am very particular about showering residents and I make sure they come out looking better than when they went in. I know many of my residents really appreciate the lengths I go to when I shower them. Some will refuse their showers if I happen to get pulled to the floor or if I am gone. Sure, it's hot, sweaty and soggy but it's great one-to-one time with them.
  6. by   jennyy
    Aw, I really enjoyed reading your post, especially the part about helping them dress up and look pretty I'm about to go for my CNA license this upcoming summer and hopefully find a part-time job somewhere while I'm finishing up my undergrad. I often hear stories about how CNAs hate what their job, and how they're often stuck with the dirty work. It's refreshing to hear stories from people who really seems to enjoy what they do!
  7. by   MommaTy
    I enjoy spending as much time with the residents as I care for them as possible. I love listening to their life stories and all about their families. I love making them laugh and laughing together. I love taking a moment out of my day to help them if they are feeling down or have a question. I love doing the little extra things people either forget or ignore. Like nail care brushing their dentures washing their glasses that are full of smudges. I love listening to them (since they are hard of hearing they talk really loud) say she is the best, she is great, she is spunky, she is my favorite. Knowing I make a difference is the best feeling in the world