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hey all..i am still on my practicum,less than two weeks away from finishing.i have just been informed by my instructor that i am "on the fence" as far as passing!!i was doing quite well at the other place we were at...and at this... Read More

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    Quote from pagandeva2000
    As another poster mentioned, conversate while you are working and terminate when the job is done. It may sound cold, but, I have let patients know that I also have to address the needs of other clients, and will be passing back and forth, in case they need something. They can be really needy, and this is not a criticism, just stating the facts. Facts also are that you need to build time management, or the work will never be done. The worst thing that can happen is the next shift coming behind you and seeing that things were not done. This is where the cut-throating begins. They will report it to the supervisors, and then, you may really have to worry about your job. I know that they teach compassion and to spend time with the patients, but that is the textbook. Reality does not allow such time.
    Thanks for the great advice! This is the only way to do it, isnt it?

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