Does CNA experience in nursing homes help get jobs in hospitals?

  1. I was wondering if CNA experience in nursing homes would help me get a job as a PCT at a hospital? I know it wont hurt my chances, but I don't want to get burned out before I even start my nursing program for something that may not help me that much in the future.

    I already have 6 months of volunteering at my local hospital but had only one job interview as a PCT in a hospital.(seem to have made their mind up about me before I even spoke)
    Most places I checked say they want hospital experience as a CNA.
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  3. by   ICUman
    Yes, it will help improve your chances.
    Nursing homes can be rough. Some do the bare minimum to get by. I worked in a nursing home before my hospital position and only lasted 2 months there before quitting.
    To address how hospitals prefer experience... I'll offer you an alternative. Try an assisted living facility or some home health opportunities instead of a SNF. Easier on your body and mind, and still fills the requirement of experience.
    Trust me, in a nursing home as an aide, you will likely get burned out.
  4. by   E-commerce

    What shift did you work? I just had an interview today at a nursing home. I was offered the 3-11pm shift. I never worked in one before but have 5 yearsrs cna experience at a behaviorial rehab hospital. I also got a call for a position at an assisted living for 9.25 but found out will not work around school flexible schedule. I've applied at several hospitals with no opportunity yet but still trying, even though I've taken an acute care training program.
    When you applied at a hospital, do you know what the hiring manager said that found you valuable? I would appreciate your advice. Also, do you have any insight in working in ambulatory care? Thanks
  5. by   ICUman
    What would you like to know about ambulatory care?
    Yes, my advice is to emphasize to hospital managers that you have excellent teamwork skills, and you are punctual, and look for opportunities to provide extraordinary care to patients.
  6. by   E-commerce

    thanks for the great advice. even though i havent found a hospital job yet working as a cna, i received an email alert for a hospital job i applied for the position, behavioral care assistant, is being reviewed for pm shift . we will see.