Does becoming a CNA help you if you want to become an RN? - page 4

How has being a CNA helped you? Is it an easier transition from a CNA to an RN? Does is help you become more experienced? tell me your story.... Read More

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    Sorry I'm still not used to the whole commenting on blogs thing. I meant to reply the comments I left, for specific people.

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    It helps when you get into Nursing school, that way you won't get that shock and awe feeling when you start doing basic nursing skills. It's definitely a plus if you're a CNA before you become a Nurse. Once you're a Nurse, though, I think it doesn't really matter. It'd be admirable, for sure; and you'll get some respect from any CNAs you work with, because you've been in their shoes.

    One of the Nurses who I've worked with was a CNA, and she really helped me out as when I first started as a CNA, she even helped me with the CNA work, even though she was an R.N. I've also met Nurses who weren't CNAs and wouldn't help for squat with basic care. I just think the general consensus is that Nurses who were prior aides have more empathy than Nurses who weren't. That's about it.
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    I have only taken my nursing pre-req's and am awaiting a decision from my local community college's ADN program. I have no healthcare experience outside of managing a courier service that did a great deal of work for the large health system in town.

    My plan is to get in to nursing school and after my first year of school, try to get a job as a patient care assistant at the hospital here in town. They will hire nursing students in a CNA type role after one semester of school. My hope is that the experience I get in that position will help with landing an RN job as a new grad as well.

    I am not worried about the dirty work. Before I started looking in to this career, I didn't even realize there were CNA's and assumed nurses still did all that kind of stuff themselves anyways. My main concern is the pay cut I will take while I work work as as a PCA for a year.
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    After the first semester of nursing school you may even get a nurse tech position and it pays a little bit higher than a CNA or pct. plus think of all the experience you will get under your belt. Good luck!
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    For me personally being a STNA has helped me in my adventures into becoming a RN. I've picked up quickly in a few of my classes simply because I've been exposed to a few things. Not to mention being an aide pushing me into wanting to be a RN more. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy being aide, but more than a few years of being aide is enough for me.

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