Do you need a GED to take state test?

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    Hi I finished my CNA class. Do I need a GED to take the State test? I'm worried. Thank you

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    I live in WI and you don't need a GED to take the state test here. Unless that has changed recently. I'll check and if my info is wrong, I'll repost.
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    I double checked regarding the GED and CNA and you do not need a ged to get CNA certified. You just have to be 16. That includes testing as well. This is WI.
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    Thank you so much for checking that for me. I really appreciate it
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    What state do you live in? Here in NYS, you don't need a GED, but a lot of facilities require one for hiring purposes. The hospital I work in requires a GED or HS Diploma, and a lot of the area nursing facilities do as well. Just check the facility and see what the requirements are.
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    In the state of Texas you are not required to have a GED to do the state test to become a Certified Nurse Aide. Some schools may require it as a prerequisit though.

    Sandra - Dallas, tx
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    Idaho does not require GED to take State Test, but may be a requirement for
    employment where you apply.
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    In north carolina you do not need your ged to take cna. But if you want to go any further like cna 2. I think you have to have it.
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    In Indiana, I don't think you need it to take the state test, but everyplace I have worked so far does require either your HSD or GED to work there.
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    Pretty much joining the chorus. In Illinois, do not need GED but as most everyone has stated, many institutions will insist on it before hiring you.

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