Do you like being a CNA?

  1. Like or hate being a CNA? Why or why not? So many people are telling me how much they hate it and they are "certified butt wipers." I hate that name. Yeah it's a demanding job that does dirty work--but people need CNAs or "certified butt wipers."

    If it was one thing I hated--it's the coworkers and workers who treat patients horrible.

    What's your view?
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  3. by   JDZ344
    I love my job!
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  4. by   tammy_zeidan09
    My thoughts exactly.

    To be honest, during clinicals as a CNA--we were at a hospital in Rehab Unit, I never had a patient in briefs [though there were plenty who wore briefs in Rehab] or wiped butts besides bed baths.

    I am at a nursing home--so maybe there is more need for pulls ups and briefs..but oh well.
    I don't agree when CNAs who WANT to become an RN and are trying to pursue their RN or BSN or whatever as a nurse CONSTANTLY complain about how nasty CNAs jobs are, how low it is, and how much they can't stand it.
    It's the bottom of the medical field. I feel like butt wiping is the least to worry about in med field. If you can't stand looking at urine or whatever it is CNAs deal with, how would you be in med/surge or trauma?

    ehh..ranting on--Sorry!

  5. by   interceptinglight
    You'll hear a whole lot of complaining about CNA work on this forum....but it won't be because people don't like their jobs. Most of the people attracted to this kind of work are those well suited to it: compassionate, caring, hard-working, good-humored. Of course, in any facility you'll also find the lazy ones, the complainers, the back-stabbers, and the control freaks, these are the ones who make CNA work more difficult....however, you'll also find people who'll tell you that they've never had a more personally rewarding job than being a CNA.

    For me, dealing with incontinence and toileting has never bothered me. Probably because I'm a mom of 4. I just wish people would get over it, all the fuss about wiping rear-ends and stuff. It's just no big deal, y'know? There's nothing 'undignified' about it, it's just part of life. The most wonderful thing you can do for anyone you're taking care of is to let them feel from you that you care for them, that you don't mind giving them whatever help they need. They're just trying to survive, like all of us are.

    Truth is the world would totally crumble without CNA's. Everything would just go to hell, just fall completely apart without all the wonderful talents, skills, and abilities that all CNA's possess. Hospitals would go bankrupt, LTC's would disintegrate, home health care would cease to exist!!!! All the nurses and all the doctors and all the king's horses and all the king's men could never fill all the gaps left by the lack of CNA's if we weren't there to save the world!!!! It's true!!!! CNA's -- we make the rockin' world go round!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :kiss :bowingpur

    That's my rant.
  6. by   lelab144
    It's a tough job, but someone has to do it right?! I think it's the perfect job if you're looking to get into nursing and need something while in nursing school, but I can certainly see why some hate it.
  7. by   Ev1987
    I do enjoy working as a cna. It is the most rewarding job I have had so far. In my opinion, I think it beats waitressing.
  8. by   azcna
    Personally, I find that those who call themselves certified butt wipers are either burned-out or bitter. I know many CNAs who love their job, and love working with the patients.

    If they hate it so much, why don't they find another job? I'm thankful to have a job period!

    Beyond that, being a "butt-wiper" can be rewarding if you want it to be. Many pts (especially in acute care) feel embarrassed to need wiping at all, and you can be there for them to reassure them that everything will be ok!
  9. by   Julie19
    I personally love being a CNA, I just hate where I work and most of the people I work with. The management I work for has no backbone, therefore lots of things go on that shouldn't. Sleeping on night shift, constant tardiness, understaffing, blah blah blah.
    My little dementia residents have my heart, though. I've learned to block a lot of other things out or I'd be hitting the door.
  10. by   hrsthecna
    When people say that I wipe a$$e$ for a living I get irritated but it just shows their ignorance. I am so much more than a poopy-butt wiper and I have a herd of elderly folks to back me up with that
  11. by   student forever
    Quote from interceptinglight
    They're just trying to survive, like all of us are.
    amen to that!
  12. by   jjic3982
    I love my coworkers, although some are not perfect.
    The job is very challenging for me, but I get better at it every day.
    Wish you the best!
  13. by   yousoldtheworld
    I like being an aide.

    Sure, there are things I don't like - the pay, working short staffed, the stress that is inherent to the nature of the job, and dealing with some of the lazy idiots that the fairly easy to obtain job attracts...but there is more that I really like.

    I like knowing that what I do matters to someone. I like the hands-on work. I like the unique opportunities I get to bond with amazing people - I work with disabled, handicapped, and MR children and young adults, and it rewards me every day. And, for what it's worth, I feel that "butt wiping" is only a small portion of my job, there is so much more to it than that.
  14. by   northernguy
    Working as a CNA is certainly not my dream job, but its OK. I have done a lot worse jobs in my life, and in todays economy any job is better than none. Busting my knuckles wrenching on cars is not something I look back on with fondness, even though I got paid better. Working in a hospital as an aide is definitely nicer than LTC, although occasionally more stressful. It would be hard to go back to LTC.

    I am impressed by how hard working and dedicated some aides are, especially in LTC. Past jobs in my life you just punched a clock and did what you had to do to get a paycheck, but a lot of aides take the job REALLY seriously, which is a good thing for the most part.