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Little did I know that when I switched shifts from evening to day that I was walking into the proverbial fecal storm. I apologize now for the length of my post/rant. I cannot believe how much... Read More

  1. by   mstearns09
    Quote from downsouthlaff
    This is not new to me. We've had those housekeepers who thought they new it all. Personally, I would never give any information about the residents care to a housekeeper. That's a hippa violation. The care of the resident is the responsibility of the nursing department. Housekeeping has no business knowing what is going on with a resident. That's a violation right there. Back a few years I was a janitor/housekeeper in a nursing home, then I became a CNA. Hahaha housekeeping only thinks there job is hard, most don't realize how hard ours is. I was there I know the difference. If I was you I wouldn't share info about residents care with housekeeping that's not legal. Report it to the DON and then the Administrator.
    Neither I nor the CNA targeted by the housekeeper disclosed any information to the housekeeper. What I said in the hallway to another CNA was quiet enough that the housekeeper had to ease drop to hear it. The housekeeper took it upon herself to read the information left in the resident's room by the lady who is our SSD and the housekeeper took it upon herself to tell us what we needed to do. Our DON knows I'm tight-lipped about resident care, I follow HIPPAA to he letter, and knows that I do my job above and beyond the call of duty. If I go to her about something going on, she knows that it is probably pretty serious.
  2. by   downsouthlaff
    I'm not in anyway trying to blame you for what is going on at your facility. But housekeeping purposely throwing away supplies, and trying to get you in trouble, that's serious housekeepers have an important job, there Job is maintaining a clean building. That's there only job. They are not supervisors. They are minumum wage workers there to clean the building. If this is the only facility you've worked at I assure you this is not the norm. They have no business looking at any care plans are anything like that, just a visitor wouldn't. Yes your DON is right, if they will get y'all tagged big time for things like that during a survey. It's time for y'all's DON or Administrator to put Housekeepong in there place. This would never fly at my facility I promise. If housekeepers want to do care, they need to get go to 75 hours training and become a Nurse Aide. It they want to run the facility they need to get the BSN and there Nursing License, or Bachelors degree and Administrator License. Until they do these things they need to keep there mouth shut, and clean the facility. I respect housekeepers jobs and know there important, and I treat then like human brings, but when they get out of place I don't tolerate that from them, or dietary workers for that matter, there their to support us, just as we're there to support the nurses, and that's the way it is. I would walk out of a facility on the job before i let housekeeping supervise me. I answer to the Charge Nurse, Nursing Administration, the Administrator and the Residents that's it.
  3. by   HM-8404
    Maybe it's just the male in me but I would have to tell the housekeeper, If you're tired of being a mop jockey and want to do my job then get the training it requires, like I did. Until then you focus on the toilets and I will focus on the residents.
  4. by   funtimes
    There is always going to be more drama and scrutiny on day shift. There are more people around observing, from staff to management to family, so it stands to reason your going to be under the microscope more.

    If you think about it housekeeping does have a pretty good window into the type of care residents are being given but I've personally never worked with housekeeping personnel that are actively trying to get CNAs in trouble. As if the CNAs dont have enough problems already.

    Most of the ones I worked with in LTC were former CNAs themselves who were too old to take the heavy lifting and stayed on as housekeeping. But they were usually pretty sympathetic to the CNAs and if anything would stick up for them.
  5. by   Paws2people
    I am not understanding why housekeeping has the authority to tell you to do anything. Your job and their's are apples and oranges. They need to worry about their own duties. Just as you would never tell the nurse how or when to do her/his job, housekeeping cannot tell you how or when to do yours. I wasn't aware housekeeping went to school and had knowledge and a certificate on patient care... Lol.
  6. by   cbOmahaNE
    This is why I moved to overnights. I cannot comprehend why people in Nursing are such narcs. And between shifts it's worse. Instead of complaining about everything the evening shift didn't do before I get there, I just do it myself. I get the psychology behind it-Nursing produces a very competitive environment, but people are ridiculous. My advice is to document everything and always try to keep your cool.