DALLAS CNA schools?

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    I've found information on lots of them, and I was wondering if anyone had a particular recommendation for any CNA schools in the Dallas Area. All the other sources I read seemed to be written by the people who worked for the school and I'd rather an unbiased opinion (or as near coming to it as i can get, lol)
    I have found wildly varying prices, from $160 for the class to $1,000, and I am just not sure where to go! Money is a huge object because I am borrowing the money for CNA school from a family member and I would prefer not to borrow more than $500... Dallas Area (esp. the east side) schools preferred but any opinions welcome.

    Thank you in advance

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    I just signed up with Hearts in Training. I have heard good things about them, and I liked what I saw today. The cost is 900 dollars tuition. They are running a special right now. Supplies are free. Check out their website at heartsintraining.com
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    Did you like the Hearts in Training Program? Is it worth $900 or should I look elsewhere?

    Do you know any CNA schools in the Forney/Mesquite/East Dallas area? Sigh, $900 is a lot...
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    Don't pay $900 for Hearts in Training, it's definitely not worth it.

    C.E. Global Health Education in Mesquite charges $585 for everything included and they're really nice people. Maria Career Institute charges something like $500 too, I think, but their classes run less often.
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    Currently in G.E. Global's program, only 4 weeks and $500. Located near Mesquite.
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    Sorry, forgot to add Maria's Career Institute is also in Mesquite.

    tech raider77: ooh, do you have Miss Catherine or Ms Michelle?
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    Michelle, she's great
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    Yeah, she's so funny, I love her! Tell her "Jersey Girl" from the last class says hi, she'll know what you mean. lol
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    lol, will do
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    You get what you pay for. Some of these cheap schools the teacher doesnt even speak English, or it is a whole in the wall, or you end up failing your state exam. I decided to pay for Hearts in Training, I wanted the best. It certainly does not hurt that they run close to 400 students per yr, maintain a 95- 98 percent pass rate with the state testing for CNA. I did my homework and everyone needs to do that. What is the best, think that before you look at the cheapest, and end up getting a crap education.

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