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    Hey CNA's thank-you for choosing to care for others who canít help themselves, many times going above and beyond what you are required to do. I have cerebral palsy and use a wheelchair to get around, I have had many operations to help me walk but none have really worked, while I remember the Nurses the most, I also canít forget the nurses other half the CNAís!! I can care for myself thankfully Iím just unable to walk. Like most people after I have an operation I need help doing most things for a few days. It was always comforting to know if the nurse was busy the CNA was always there to help. I know many of you DO care about the people you care for, and do get upset when you canít give them the care you want, or have the supplies you need.
    Just know that you are appreciated and valued.

    Iím 27 years old and Iíll never forget this one CNA I had when I was only 7 years old. She was 21 years old at the time. She was so bubbly, friendly and seemed with every task she did give it her all. She was so comforting to be around. Every night she would go around and give the patients who wanted one a hug.

    Once a month she would come in on her day off and, just spend time with us in the game room, spend time with patients who did not get a lot or any visitors, more or less spending her whole day with us, which I always thought was very nice of her to do. I know she enjoyed her job, she would often tell me that. She said I donít like all of the tasks I have to do, but donít MIND doing/helping others who canít do it themselves. I will always remember her voice, smile, and love for what she did, and kindness. I also remember all of the CNAís who helped me and were friendly, or took a second to hold my hand when I was scared. Donít think the little things you do donít matter, it makes a big difference in a patients stay.

    To the ones who spend your own money so a patient can have the supplies they need, are very gentle while performing care, and just offer a warm smile or a kind word during care thanks so much. To the ones who donít roll your eyes or sigh when we have get something to make us go to the bathroom thank you, itís no picnic for us either.

    Happy CNA week!!
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    That was awesome to read. Thank you for sharing.
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    Awe, thank you :-)
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    I LOVE these kinds of stories! Happy CNA week for all that we do!
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    happy tears...Thank you for making my day, and allowing me to know my job really is important and special
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    I know there is a CNA out there who will read your post and be very, very thankful for a patient like you, Wheels28. Thank you for saying "Thank You"! Sometimes, that is all we ever need to hear.

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