CNA Tuition Reimbursement

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    I am going to be starting my CNA training next week and was told that it is now Federal Law that if you are hired within 6 or 12 months (one other school said 6, the school I am going to says 12, can't find anything about it on the web.) at a long term care facility (veteran care places excluded), that the employing company is required to reimburse you for the cost of your training. Anyone have to actually ask the employing company for the money or are they pretty forward about giving it to you? I hate to beg, lol.

    I know the program administrator at the school I am going to said to wait until they actually hire you to bring it up, not during the interview. So I was just wondering ... do they give you grief about giving it to you? I am just guessing they would like to get away with not paying it, if they could.

    Also, anyone who has gotten hired, some places in my area are offering sign-on bonuses because they are so short handed... is the bonus in place of paying back tuition costs or on top of that?

    Thanks! Dawn

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    I'm a new CNA in Wisconsin and I did ask about the reimbursement right after I was hired like my classroom instructor had told me too. I'm pretty sure you have to ask, I've run across some people that had no idea you could be reimbursed. I was told that it could take 8-12 weeks (I've only been there a little over a month). I was surprised that I wasn't asked for my receipts, saying they didn't need them. I found out online that there is a limit to how much you can get back (at least in WI). They will reimburse up to $225.00 for the class (cost almost $400) and $61.50 for the test (cost $115.)

    I was surprised because I thought that we would get back the entire cost of the class and test, and perhaps book cost as well.
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    That is what I am understanding as well (about the $$ limit). I guess this is good to know now since I have only paid the $35 application fee, the tuition isn't due until Friday. The private school I was planning on attending is over $2000, kind of middle of the road for classes around here, but they include the test, uniforms, texts, physical, TB tests, etc. The program administrator really mislead me if that is the case, because she too implied that I would get the entire class cost back.

    Since I have to borrow the money off my parents to go, I will have to wait, because I told them I would have the money to give back to them within a few months. I read that in PA you get 1/2 back after 130 hrs of work, and the other half after another 130, maybe it is the same where you are?

    The money didn't matter to me as long as I was going to get it back... but now I'll have to wait a couple of months until the local vo-tech has theirs... it's much, much cheaper. But now I'll have to wait until the end of June to start, which sucks since I could have been working by then.
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    Over $2,000 for your CNA class? O_o Wow! As for that fee including things, I only needed one set of scrubs for clinicals, 2 TB tests ($10 each), my book was $67.50. Did not need a physical, my facility paid for me to have one once I was offered the job. I would be really worried about getting that huge $2,000 fee back, when there are less expensive classes in your state. Maybe it is different in PA though. I wasn't told that I would get 1/2 now and 1/2 later, just that it would take 8-12 weeks.
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    wait, reimbursement? Since when? Do all facilities do this?
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    I *believe* the facility must be medicare and medicaid approved for you to be reimbursed. Also your training must be within 365 days of your hire date.
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    jjic3982- Yes, the law is - if you are hired within one year of the end of your CNA training, the company who hires you is required to reimburse you for the cost of test and training. The company must be an "extended care facility" with Veteren's homes excluded. If you are hired more than 6 months after your training ends, the company only has to pay 50% of your costs.

    Kitsey - After a sleepless night of wondering what the hell I am going to do... I called first thing this morning and spoke to the program lady at my school. She is going to give me a copy of the Federal statement tomorrow when I go back to have my second TB test checked. I expressed my concern that because I am borrowing the money from my parents to go to the school, that I really need to be sure I will be fully reimbursed. She still says that I will be, that it is federally required.

    I told her what you are getting paid because of a "medicare cap" and she said that your company must submit the paperwork to Medicare incorrectly, that it should not vary by state as the law is Federal and therefore nationwide.

    I tried looking up the PA side of this, it was listed as being posted in the PA bulletin... in volume 25. Naturally, their online database only goes back to volume 26. So I have to call the 800# to find out where I can access older copies.

    As for the cost of the program, I know it is expensive compared to Tech schools. All of the programs in this area are between $1800 and $3300, with one exception a local Vo-tech that charges $450, which covers nothing but the course and is the lowest amount of hours. The school is in the middle of nowhere and in the opposite direction of where I want to work. They also don't start until the end of June and I need to be working before that.

    I have called every state approved training place within a 40 mile radius and this is what I found. The other benefit in my opinion, is that the place I chose is a testing site for PA. I think I will feel "at home" testing there after having taken classes there for almost 5 weeks. Hopefully, I won't be as nervous.

    I will try to find a way to post the federal statement she is going to give me tomorrow.
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    Ok... found some links. The Act is called the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1987.

    Here is one from the Pa Dept of Education (it can be searched for other states however):

    This is also from PA but it does say 'National Nurse Aide Assessment Program' on the cover (Pg 5 in the pamphlet has the reimbursement info):

    I hope this might help someone else... and Kitsey... I would talk to some one at the school you went to to see if they think you should have your claim resubmitted.
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    Wow I didnt know that lol.
    but then again I went straight into acute care after my CNA.. :\
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    Hey that's worth it. Usually acute care requires experience. Which hospital do you work in and in what state? What did you do to get in right after your certification?

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