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Im not sure if im in the correct forum? But any how, im starting fall in a community college for CNA. I live in los angeles california. Im wondering if im doing the right thing, i feel as if i... Read More

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    Being a cna is a great way to find out if the nursing field is for you. It's a great way to learn while your in school. It will teach you so much. Nursing schools are usually 5 semesters for your adn plus pre reqs. Being a cna doesn't help you with school other than experience and it looks good on your application
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    ADN usually takes 4 year because of the prereqs, a BSN usually takes 4 years as well because the prereq time is factored into your Freshman and Sophomore year. An RN is an RN and being a CNA doesn't really help you with the time required to become an RN (unless your school requires you to be a CNA before entering the program). It'll give you good experience working in healthcare and will help you with your clinical skills in the first semester of nursing.

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