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Im a new member her and i need advice. Im currently taking CNA and my state exam will be on friday. I love to become lvn but im not lucky. Anybody can advice me what to do on my career? Pls share your ideas! Anyone?... Read More

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    Quote from vanie29
    Thank you I'm looking for LVN here I'm in the area that luck of LVN but you have to pay in your own money which I don't have it. I apply 1 school they will start on June I need to take the teas or ati test though I don't know if I could make its kinda hard. I don't know what the study methods and my brain is stuck.
    Get a test review book. When I went to LPN and BSN, I had to take an entrance exam. I prepared by getting the book and studying the material...find out which book you can use to study for BOTH exams, if you have a choice for schools and may need to take both. The NLN has entrance exam books, so I used those for my entrance exams-my LPN program suggested getting the book; see if the programs specify what book to use, and go from there...Good Luck!!!

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    I have to take the ATI test for my entrance exam. I have no idea what test in there. Do you have any idea?
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    The ATI test is the TEAS entrance exam. It covers subjects like math, english, reading, and sciences. It's a pretty common entrance exam used by schools, you can check out the TEAS exam forum here: TEAS Exam Help
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    Thank you @x-factor Hope I could make it.
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    @x_factor do they have math questionnaire in teas exam help?
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    Quote from vanie29
    @x_factor do they have math questionnaire in teas exam help?
    I'm not sure what you mean by a math questionaire? Are you asking if there is a math section on the TEAS exam?
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    Yes I'm referring if theirs any math in teas exam help. I only seen mostly science though
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    Yes, there's math, english, reading, and sciences on the TEAS exam.
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    I couldn't find it. But thank you anyway
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    Quote from vanie29
    I couldn't find it. But thank you anyway
    Find a NLN review book. This book generally covers what a pre-admission nursing program entrance exam entails. Unused the NLN LPN entrance book for a ATI exam, the NLN RN on a NLN (I guess TEAS) exam. I was able to pass the LPN with a 74, the RN 92...I was accepted into both programs in each stage of my educational journey. Also, most schools will suggest which books to use to prepare for their entrance exams...both exams told me to use the NLN book. So contact the schools, go from there...Happy studying and Good Luck!!!

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