CNA State Exam

  1. 0 It says you have to perform at least 4 skills

    Can you give me examples of what that is?
    It isn't the written exam obviously
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    I did my CNA test about a year ago. The skills I had to test on were: range of motion, cleaning dentures, hand washing, communication skills, and BPR. It is the hands on stuff you learned during clinicals. Good luck!
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    Quote from ph94
    It says you have to perform at least 4 skills

    Can you give me examples of what that is?
    It isn't the written exam obviously
    They give you five. You must pass 4. Hand washing is one and a measurement is another ( bp, pulse, urine output etc) then there are three more such as oral care, occupied bed strip, transferring etc.

    You can't fail hand washing but if you fail one-off the others you still pass. There are certain partsbof each skill that if you skip a certain step considered crucial ( bed in lowest position, call bell in reach etc) you automatically fail that skill. IF you forget a step and remember before the skill is over they usually let you say so and when you would have done it.

    Hope I helped. Forgive the mess I'm on my tablet.
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    Thank you!
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    I had Peri care, nail care, handwashing, vitals, and applying a stocking.

    Was easier than I thought. Good luck!
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    I had pulse, hand waging, occupied bed strip, transfer from bed to wheel chair and ambulating

    "No day but today"
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    I did mine last month. I had hand washing, measuring urine, ambulate with gate belt, apply Ted hose.
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    I just took my CNA test last week and was tested on 5 skills. Everybody was tested on hand washing and communication. The other 3 skills are ones that you randomly pick from cards that are spread out on the table.

    The skills I picked were back rub, pulse, and range of motion (upper body). I was very nervous about the skills portion of the test, but it wasn't as bad as I thought. I passed everything.

    Basically, you perform hand washing (skill 1) and then you pick skills 2-4 from a card. Throughout all of the skills, you are being tested on how well you communicate with the patient (skill 5).

    Good luck!
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    Congrat! Where can I find skills and test prep? Thanks so much in advance!
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    Hello, I'm currently a nursing student. Do I have to have CNA to apply? Where can I find test and skills prep? Thanks so much for any advice!

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