cna skills test in Florida

  1. Hi there everyone,

    Can anyone shed some light as to how they set up the skills test for you in the state of Florida?

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  3. by   Bayley
    I took my state exam in Florida back in December. For the skills portion I was randomly assigned three skills (ROM for Upper Extremities, Making an Occupied Bed, and Bed Bath), as well as, Handwashing and Indirect Care (bedside manner, resident rights, etc.) There was a time limit of 30 mintues to get all of the skills done. For the first two skills I was partnered with another student and then worked on a manikin for the bed bath.
  4. by   Bayley
    Here's a link for some more info about the state exam:
  5. by   irlandska
    Hi All,
    Can anyone tell me how the skills test is when one is being tested in Florida? I have worked in the past as a CNA and do have the Prometric skills list - are the testers' extremely particular? Am planning on practicing on a volunteer.
    Any information would be appreciated.
  6. by   rbaez4
    I took the test in June, It was fairly easy.. I took it at the Miami Institute, I was partnered up with another student, I was given three skills and indirect care, They do stop u if they beleive ur going to harm the patient, but other than that they just observe as far as you simulating, knocking before u enter explaing to your pt what u will be doing, handwashing inbetween care etc....They are not meticulous with the way u do things, they just want to know that u know ur procedure, HAND WASH VERY IMPORTANT UR FIRST ONE. Make sure u do the first one a full 15 seconds or ur done. One of the girls failed it because she did not due it in 15 seconds the first time she took the test.. They randomly pick ur skills so it could be any.

    Good Luck....
  7. by   cc33702
    If you're not taking a prep course, I strongly suggest going to the Prometric website and looking up the information for Florida certification. They have a practice written test on their website, and they have the checklist that they use for the exams, so you'll know exactly what is on it. You need to take both the written and the skills (clinical) tests to be certified in FL.

    As other posters have said, they test on five areas -- handwashing, indirect care, and three care skills out of twenty possible. Patient safety and contamination issues (i.e. handwashing, barrier methods) are stressed. Unfortunately, beyond "pass or fail" the nurse evaluator can't really tell you what you missed or how scores are calculated, so it's difficult to say much beyond that.

    I just passed my written and skills exams today.
  8. by   irlandska
    Thanks for the responses and info. everyone. It was quiet enlightening. I have looked up the Prometric website and found the skills list.
    I do feel quiet competent - am just a bit wary as the actual testing is done where people take the Test Prep. course. Are the testers employed by Prometric or whom?
  9. by   cc33702
    The testers are employed by Prometric. They have test sites all over FL, usually near the test prep centers or at local vocational schools and community colleges. They do not share information with the prep centers and are not affiliated with them. Prometric is essentially hired by the FL Board of Nursing to conduct the testing necessary for certification.
  10. by   irlandska
    Ta everybody - I did pass. The tester lady appeared to be really fair. Good luck all you others !!!
  11. by   SIOUXZ
    Congrats!! Where did you test? I test tomorrow..(sooo nervous)
  12. by   zeppzepp2009
    I am challenging the FL test on Sat. and I can't remember if the patient keeps their shoes on or we take them off for taking their weight? Thanks!
  13. by   FLg8r
    Quote from zeppzepp2009
    i am challenging the fl test on sat. and i can't remember if the patient keeps their shoes on or we take them off for taking their weight? thanks!
    they need to be wearing non-skid shoes -- and they stay on.... good luck to you
  14. by   zeppzepp2009
    Thank you!