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    Hi! Does anyone have any tips on where in the Ann Arbor / Ypsilanti area of MI I could look to get a fast CNA? I'm starting school in less than a month and need to get the training done pronto so I can get a part-time job to help pay for school and also get clinical experience.
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    Check with your local community colleges, nursing homes, and hospitals. Quite a few of these provide CNA training.

    My training took about a month 3 days a week about 6 hours a day. I am assuming most programs are similar.
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    hi, punkybrewster8806!,1607,...544---,00.html - this is the website for the michigan nurse aid registry. from this site i am quoting you this: "for additional information regarding certified nurse aide training programs or an application for exemption from training (if you are unable to download a copy here), call (517) 241-0554." there are additional links at this site to faqs. please read the information on this page. i would suggest you call the number they listed and ask for a list of locations where you can get training.

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    Washtenaw Community College offers CNA classes. I'm currently taking one right now. It's the last session for this Summer so you would have to register for a class in the Fall. Here is the link that describes the class:
    Hope this helps.
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    The best and easy way to find a short-time CNA certificate school is by looking at your local free papers such as The GreenSheet. If you live in Dallas area, there is a 3 weeks only training for certfication. call 214.441.3556 for informaton.

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