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    Hello everyone!
    So, I am currently a student at Georgia State University and am looking at doing a quick CNA program in order to get certified and work part-time. Unfortunately, after many hours of research, I have yet to have found a program that doesn't look questionable within the area. I was hoping I could get some advice on locations or programs I could look into. At this point, I am willing to look anywhere as long as the school is accredited and the program won't take too long. Thank you for any input. Much appreciated!
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    have you looked at the technical colleges?
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    You should try covenant cna school located at midtown across from emory hospital (midtown) I will be attending there soon im done with some personal issues . They do there clinical at a nursing home and if your lucky you get a day to experience clinical at emory hospital they are accredited look into it . Good Luck
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    They have campuses in Clarkston and one in Covington. Great school and its about 5 months long =)
    You get hope if you're eligible but you have to pay school fees. Worth it!
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    Try covenant CNA school. I am attending now. I only have a few days of class left and then I start my clinicals. I am terribly excited and I have enjoyed my time at the school so much. They truly care about their students and want you to succeed. Good luck!!
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    You can also try the Red Cross in your area. They have CNA classes you can complete in 1 month!