CNA Pre-employment Test

  1. I am going to have to take a CNA pre employment test. What is it going to involve? Will it be similar to the state board, or more involved? Has anyone taken a test like this on an interview?
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    Um I think I might have before. Know all your vitals thresholds. Like normal ranges of Temp, pulse, BP, respirations, O2 sats. Know all the stuff basically that you learned for your CNA. Most of it if i remember right was common sense. One hospital asked me what to do if a patient tried to bribe me with money to get them food when they're NPO. What to do if a patient hit on me, stuff like that.
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    Ok. Thanks. I guess I will just review stuff from the state board. Stinks that I passed that test and now I need to pass another test. I wasn't sure if it was going to be physical skills like taking a BP. I appreciate your help
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    I took a few tests before I got hired at a skilled nursing facility a few years ago. If I remember there was a basic CNA knowledge test, and another test that asked a bunch of what if scenarios, mostly pertaining to what constitutes abuse and neglect and how you would react to it if you witnessed it.

    We also had kind of an oral exam where the supervisor asked us questions, again mostly pertaining to abuse and how wed react to it.
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    Thanks! I hope it's nothing too complex. I'll brush up on abuse, negligence, battery, assault, etc.
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    I went into my job interview not knowing there'd be a pre-employment test!... (I was like ohhh sh*t!!) haha. But i passed, got like 28/30 correct with no studying. It is similar to the state exam. There are some common sense questions as well as situational/skill based ones. Just review if you have to, and read through the questions well before answering! You'll do great! Don't stress about it!
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    Thanks! It was 50 questions, and MUCH harder than the state board was. On the board I got one wrong out of 60 questions. On this one I got an 85. I know that's still good and passing, but I would of preferred to do better. There were math questions that I was given no scrap paper for (I ended up flipping over my answer sheet as scrap) Also, there were questions that had 2 answers but one was more correct. For example, if you see a resident is not breathing, I learned in school to always find out first if they are a DNR. For this test they want you to get help immediately. Different policies. Oh well. The interview still went well. I was just a little surprised I needed a test because I had not run into this before. Thanks again for responding