CNA pre-admissions test?

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    I want to get started on the CNA program but there is a test that I have to take to be able to get accepted into the class. Does anyone know what this test consists of? The gentlemen I spoke to on the phone mentioned basic math and writing.. And i'm terrible at math. Im wondering how hard the math will be also?
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    At the school I went through I had to test at a 7th grade level in math to enter the Cna program. It was mostly addition, subtraction & multiplication with a few division problems, some algebra & some decimals & fractions. Nothing too scary!
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    Is there a pre admission for this program? I am currently doing the CNA training and I did not go through any admissions test. Only an interview and orientation...
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    Two schools in my area & one required placement testing & the other didn't require anything but payment for the class. Neither required an interview! I guess it just depends on where you're at?
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    My comm college required having a recent reading placement test on file or any associate degree (or higher). My placement test was 5 years old or something so didn't count, but fortunately I had the associate's degree.

    I took ENG 101 and 102 through them too, and found it a little silly that those wouldn't suffice for proving you were literate enough for a CNA class, but oh well.

    Mine didn't have an interview/orientation though. They are all so different!

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