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Today must be my lucky day! I got two calls for a job interview ,both from the same hospital but different branches and both of them are nurse aid positions. God am so excited! I have been wanting to work for this place and... Read More

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    Quote from jshort6320
    Well of course you can wear formal attire, but from what I heard.. It's better to go in your scrubs. At least that's what my sister and instructor said and she's been a Nurse for a few years. Obviously it's up to you though. Also, each hospital interviews differently.. But I highly recommend you study for "scenario" type of questions.. Everyone I have ever known who has had an interview as a Nurse or CNA has ALWAYS had scenario type of questions.. If you don't have those types of questions then great.. It doesn't hurt to study for them though.
    Every interview expert (who has done research on this) says absolutely no scrubs on interviews.

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