CNA in an ER? vs ER tech

  1. What would a cna do in the ER? I mean I figure it would probably be the general vitals and things like that but how would a job as a cna in the er be different than say...on a med-surg floor or something else? Also, what would be the difference in job description (generally) between a cna in an er and an er tech?
    Is it possible to get a job as an ER tech with a CNA, or would I need an EMT?
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  3. by   tramajunkie
    Most place distinguish between the cnas and emts/medics using the title tech. It all depends on the facility though. Yes you can get a job in the er. usually the do the vitals, bs, transport, stocking, codes (mind you they usually dont call a code blue overhead in the ER), that kind of thing. I think the main difference between ER and the floors is that your patients are ever changing, and you dont have a daily/nightly routine.
  4. by   TiggerBelly
    I work in the ER and I do many different things.
    Fiberglass splints, wound care, wound dressings, set the doctors up with suture kits, assist doctors with pelvic exams, collect specimens and take them to lab, take patients to xray, ct, ultrasound, assist the nurses in whatever they need, take vital signs, register patients when they come in thru triage and be an all around gopher.
    I used to work on Medical and although ER kills me sometimes and can be very stressful, I throughly enjoy it and would like to continue working there when I become an RN.
    On medical my general task would include bathing and toileting patients, feeding the ones who needed help, transporting them to procedures, changing linens, taking vitals and assisting the nurses. I liked what I did don't get me wrong, I just prefer the fast turn over that the ER has.
  5. by   EmergencyMedicine
    hey man, im an emt-b, and i cannot work in an er. If i was an emt-p or CNA i could. Its strange on how that works but this is my goal, to get in the er.


    tiggerbelly you are currently my hero, i know exactly what it is like as I stood many hours a day speaking with the cnaert's and that is why im doin the cna thing now
  6. by   bluc1012
    I'm a PCA working in the ED. We do EKGs, vitals, finger sticks, blood draws, send labs, take out IVs, get supplies, change linens, transport pts, hook pts up to monitors, and anything the nurse tells us to do. We can also assist in (only hooking pts up to monitors asap) or observe traumas since I work at a teaching hospital.
  7. by   sonomala
    The hospitals here hire cnas but they have to agree to become NA2 within one year of hire. If you like a fast pace and constant change go for it.