CNA hourly wage in Massachusetts

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    I was wondering what the hourly wage as a CNA would be in Massachusetts. Thanks
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    Do a google search. There are salary websites that give general overviews of wages and salaries. Better yet, go to the website. On average CNA's can make 9-13 $ an hour depending on experience and location.
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    When I was an aide during nursing school (2006), I made $10.50/hr. That was as a "student" nurses' aide. CNAs made $12.50/hr.
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    I live in Springfield, Mass. Nursing home CNA pays are about 9.50 to 10 dollars. Hospitals are 13-15 dollars. But its tough to get in the hospitals here with no experience. Good luck.
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    I live in West Concord and got a job in town at the local nursing home. I'm starting out at $11 an hour.

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