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CNA Certification in Ohio

  1. 0 I am currently going to LPN school and was told that after my first semester I would qualify to take the STNA test. Where is this test taken in Ohio? A local nursing home is offering to pay for the test and offer me employment but I was wondering if there is a place to I can go on my own to take the test. I am hoping to work part time in a local hospital if I can get state tested.
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    i took mine in downtown dayton, i think it was a school for nurse aide training. i'm under the impression that they don't offer it very many places, and it costs a couple of hundred dollars. ( i could be wrong) also, you don't have to be state tested to work in a hospital, they do train their techs, but they don't have to be state regulated. i see you are in lpn school, my advice would be to work in the type of facility you plan to work in after graduation. i worked in a nursing home forever and now that i'm working in a hospital, i kinda wish i would have spent some time in the hospital. they are quite different. although, i must say i wouldn't have traded my experience for the world!
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    Actually what I am saying is that I don't need to take the nurses aide classes, the classes I take in my 1st quarter of LPN school would count as the training. I just need to get state certified. I would love to work in a area hospital and I was told they would hire me but I would have to be state certified. Is it different in Dayton?
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    i don't live in dayton, i just had to drive there to take the test, because they didn't offer it where i live. i didn't think any hospital's required you to take the state test, i thought it was just nursing homes....good luck
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    I live near the Cleveland area. I sure hope I wouldn't have to drive that far. I know the Red Cross in Cleveland has their own classes in Cleveland but they will also only test students taking their aid classes. Thanks for your help!