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  1. I have a question regarding a CNA application I'm currently filling out. It asks for times that I'm available to work but asks that I refrain from using "any time" as an answer. Should I put specific times, or just put "days, evenings, nights"?
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  3. by   SlaveHeart
    Do you have any obligations like school, family, hobbies that would put a restriction on your time available? You could just fill out each day of the week and put in the hours of each offered shift if you are really that open. I think they want to be able to sort applicants to openings so if you say you are avaliable one shift and a spot opens for that shift they will know who to interview for it.
  4. by   Paws2people
    You can put what you prefer: part time, full time, days, evenings, etc. and then write "flexible." Probably in the past people put "anytime," and then while the were interviewed or when they were hired, they said something like, "oh by the way, I can't work till 3pm, nights, or weekends." It happens at my job all the time. (Just be honest if you can't work certain hours.) Good luck
  5. by   CNAMichelleC
    Thank you for your responding. I forgot to mention that the app is for an agency, so I guess they just want to know who to call if they have an opening.