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Cna & danskos

  1. 0 I just got a job as a nurse tech with a hospital, I'm starting nursing school in the fall. When I got my danskos I was told to make sure my heel is free when I walk and slides in and out, I did this but the first day I wore the shoes only one foot hurt. He right foot across the top of my foot and the ben d in my toes when I walk was killing me. The other foot felt fine, I'm just wondering if I need a new pair???
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    Tool me several days to break mine in. I've had 4 pair and looooove them. Give it some time- they will soon be your best friend on long days.
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    Danskos need time to be broken in. Give it time, bring another pair of shoes to work if you need to switch.
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    My downfall was buying patent leather, they don't stretch. I bought alegrias and am having the danskos stretched
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    The first three days with my Danskos, I brought other shoes and changed in the breakroom at lunch. They take a bit to wear in, but now I have almost zero foot pain at the end of a 12. However, for some people they just don't work, so don't torture yourself trying to break them in for weeks if it's just not for you.