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Clinical hours for CNA

  1. 0 So there is alot of jobs that are asking for at least 6 months to 1 year exp. and I'm wondering can i not use the hours I have doing clinicals in my CNA classes as working exp.? please help I'm starting my nursing program at UNCC in the Fall 10 but still have bills and I child I need to take care of while attending school.
    Thanks in advance....
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    Most jobs do not recognize clinicals hours as professional hours since you were not licensed/certified at the time.

    Look into Nursing homes and sub acute facilities.

    Make sure to include Nursing school on your resume, I know when I worked on the Tele floor of a hospital as a CNA the only reason they hired me was the fact they knew I was in NS.
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    Like the poster above stated clinical hours are not considered experience. Consider applying to teaching hospitals as they may be more likely to offer employment to someone with no experience.

    I applied as a critical care tech at a very well known hospital and got in because of my experience and partly because I was a nursing school student, so use that education bit, you would be surprised at all the doors it could open.

    Best of Luck
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    try to get in at a teaching hospital and put in that you are nursing student. GOODLUCK!!! Nursing homes can be rough on CNA's who are going back for nursing, so if there is a teaching hospital around please apply!
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    All the above are Right!. If for some reason you unable to get with a Hospital. There will more than likely be a few Nursing Homes that will hire you immediately.